1. FILL OUT AND COMPLETE THE “HELPERS FOR HIRE-REGISTRY APPLICATION “ provided herein or can be obtained directly from either the Morgan or Camden Sheriffs Depts.
  2. Fill out and complete the MSHP-REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK” form provided herein or can be obtained directly from either the Morgan or Camden Sheriffs Depts.
  3. Call either the Sheriff’s Offices (listed below) to make an appointment for your fingerprints and picture to be taken.
    1. Camden County Sheriff’s Office 573-346-2214, ext. 4238 to speak with Tonya Bailey or e-mail
    2. Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, 573-378-5481 ext. 289 to speak with Monica Cable.
    3. If either individual is not available please leave a voice message and they will call you back when they are available.


  1. At the Sheriff’s Office, of your choosing, a registration fee of $20.00 may be collected depending on the extent of background to be collected. This fee, if collected, is forwarded to the Criminal Records Division of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This fee should be made payable to “MSHP-Criminal Records Division” and can be in the form of Money Orders or Personal Check.
  2. You will be finger printed and have your photograph taken.
  3. The completed Request for Criminal Record check must be sent to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
  4. The Highway Patrol will send the results of the print card submission to the requestor (applicant) and the applicant, upon receipt of the Criminal Records Response, must send the results of the background check to Terri Harman, Administrator, Helpers for Hire Program, 13 Chestnut Ave.; Camdenton, MO. 65020.


  1. If applicant clears the background check a profile for entry into the ”Helpers for Hire Registry” will be sent to the applicant for review and approval.
  2. Applicant will be asked, by covering letter, to make any changes then sign and date the profile.
  3. Once the profile has been signed and dated, the applicant needs to return the signed and dated profile information in the self addressed and stamped envelope.
  4. Upon receipt of the signed and dated information, the applicant’s profile will be added to the internet web site @ .
  5. Applicant will also be sent two photo ID’s verifying their entry into the Helpers for Hire Registry along with a covering letter of additional instructions.
  6. Applicant’s profile will also be included in the next printed and revised booklets to be displayed/distributed to various outlet sources.
  7. Any time an applicant has a change of address and/or telephone numbers, such changes need to be directed to the Helpers for Hire designee so that the information may be updated on the web site and printed booklets.
  8. Helpers on the Registry will be contacted by telephone at least once a year to verify their status and given an opportunity to revise any information noted in the Registry.
  9. Helpers listed on the Registry may request removal, at any time, resulting in such removal from the website and printed labels at the next printing. Reinstatement to the Registry is permitted without another background check. For reinstatement send email to